DVD Shrink 2015: What’s new?

As many of you already know all the new DVD and Blu-Ray are changing the protection systems. This is why we are constantly working on update our software DVD Shrink 2015 with new encryptions to ensure to our customers the maximum compatibility with all tbe DVDs, CDs and Blu- Rays of the latest generation.
With DVD Shrink 2015 in fact, you can easily back up your collection of videos and much more. With the new feature (Burn Engine) you can now shrink and copy any DVD or CD in just one click. You save time because using DVD Shrink is extremely simple. But if you still have doubts on its use please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team who will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. You can also get our manual and our video tutorial to learn all the secrets of this amazing software.
The new version not only ensure maximum compatibility but also allows you to see in real time the output quality of your video before you even start to shrink or burn them, so that you can find the perfect balance between the quality of the video and the space they occupy on your computer or on your DVD or CD.
But if you still want to save more space you can use anytime the Re-author feature, which allows you to eliminate subtitles and languages to which you are not interested as well as extra features on the DVD that you are not interested in. By doing this you will reduce considerably the space that will occupy the video and you can also join two or more DVDs into one!
DVD Shrink 2015 also offers the Blu-ray converter that will allow you to store or copy even the latest generation of Blu Rays.
In short, today’s version is very advanced and complete; a unique software allows you to do multiple operations. In fact, today you can also use DVD Shrink in 2015 as a DVD or CD player. So do not hesitate and click here for free download DVD Shrink 2015, test it and let us know your opinion!

Download the latest version here